-Manufacturing in compliance with 93/42/EC directive,
-The difference between the anchors the barbed Excalibur Tack Suture Anchor body is mallated into the bone,
-Ideal for knotted fixation for shoulder instability or foot & ankle,
-Double-loaded configuration,
-High strengh suture,
-The anchors are avaible in two size; 3.5 mm and 4,5 mm,
-Anchor includes with special screw driver.

Designed to be used for the repairs listed below;

-Rotator cuff rupture,
-Bankart and slap,
-Biceps Tendon,
-Achilles Tendon,
-Lateral and Medial Ligament,
-Transfer of Tendons.

-Bio-absorbable, the screws are made from a biocompatible amorphous copolymer,
-Excellent biocompatibility of PLDLA and its breakdown products (CO2 and H2O).

It stabilizes 8-10 months after surgery and provides good healing and simplifies future revisions. It is then slowly hydrolyzed with water from the tissues and after 24 months, completely healthy bone forms.

Femoral: Poly (%70 L/% 30 DL-lactide)

This bioabsorbable anchor features two UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene) fiber sutures. The colors of sutures are white and white-blue.


Anchor Diameter: 3.5 mm

Anchor Diameter: 4.5 mm