Excalibur Suture Screw Anchor Titanium is reliable and simple. Great pullout strenght with UHMWPE Fiber Sutures which are preloaded and combined with needles. The design of the handle improves grip on handling. And the sutures are ready to use inside the handle.

Excalibur Tack II Suture Anchor Peek has easy insertion with strong design on the proximal head and dual thread design to increase cancellous and cortical fixation. Fully canullated shaft prevent and damage potential. With the combination of PEEK material and UHMWPE Fiber Suture. This anchor is most suitable for the needs.

Excalibur Clew Anchor; %100 suture based anchor system with UHMWPE fiber. Great pullout strength and rigid design. Loaded with double UHMWPE fiber sutures. This arthroscopic anchor systems can also be used in mini-open repairs.