Bio headless compression screws are used for variety of indications. Due to the design, these mini biodegradable screw maintains fixation, even after the surgery. And maintains compression during the bone healing process. Including; osteochondral defects, femoral condyle, patella, radial head fractures, hammertoes, chevron osteotomies (Bunions), humeral condyle fractures, avulsion fractures, IP fusions, phalangeal fractures, small bone fragments, cancellous fragments, artrodesis and osteotomies.

Bio Headless Compression Scew Sizes

Diameter: 3.2 mm & Length: 16 mm

Diameter: 3.2 mm & Length: 18 mm

Diameter: 3.2 mm & Length: 20 mm

Diameter: 3.2 mm & Length: 22 mm

Diameter: 3.2 mm & Length: 24 mm